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Whether you are buying your first central air conditioning unit or replacing or upgrading your existing system, Button’s Heating and Air Conditioning makes installing central air conditioning in Toronto homes a cool and breezy experience. In order to offer the best central air conditioning in Toronto, we would first like to inform you on some basic facts to know about air conditioning and home cooling solutions.

If you’re energy costs are preventing you from investing in central air conditioning, Toronto homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the virtues of modern, energy-efficient air conditioning models. At Button’s, we offer a variety of Energy Star qualified units that maximize comfort while minimizing energy costs. Further, these energy-smart technologies often function at whisper-quiet noise levels that improve the aural ambience of your home at the same time you’re achieving optimal temperature for comfort and relaxation. For best performance, we highly recommend purchasing a corresponding furnace that is rated and sized properly to work with your air conditioner.

The newest development in air conditioning units often incorporates variable speed technology, including many of our popular models here at Button’s. Unlike conventional single-speed motors, a variable speed motor runs at a wider range of speeds to control the heated and cooled air circulating throughout your home with improved precision and efficiency. Consuming less electricity than standard motors, variable sped technology means smaller energy bills and a more comfortable home at half the time than a conventional central air conditioner in Toronto.

Central air-conditioning in Toronto not only cool, but dehumidify too. That means you can breeze through those hot, humid summer months in total comfort, and better yet, at minimal operating costs. For someone replacing existing central air conditioning in Toronto that’s 10+ years old, their cooling costs can be reduced by as much as 40-60%. Many Toronto air conditioners now combine the intuitive technology of ComfortSense Thermostats that allow you to control the humidity in your home with precision and ease.




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