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furnishserviceWhat to know before you buy: If you’re in the market for a new furnace installation in Toronto, there’s some helpful information to make your experience an easier one. The modern-day medium and high efficiency gas furnaces are very compact cabinets, featuring low profile designs for easy furnace installation in Toronto homes.

Engineered to minimize operating sound, gas furnaces run quietly and efficiently and are equipped with hot surfaces to pilot ignition for reliable starting. All of our gas furnaces are backed by a standard manufacturers warranty with manufacturers extended warranty packages of five or ten years parts and labour coverage available.

High efficiency gas furnaces are approximately 90-96% efficient, harnessing the most of your energy input and substantially reducing your monthly bills. Available in one stage, two-stage or modulating (various stages of heat), combustion air is provided directly into the combustion chamber. Most high efficient furnaces are vented into a two-pipe configuration featuring PVC plastic piping. A chimney is not required for a high efficiency furnace but rather the furnace is vented outside similar to a dryer vent. Two-stage heating has many comfort advantages; versus the larger temperature swings typical of traditional furnaces, the two-stage system does not operate at full capacity unless needed. Designed to operate like two separate furnaces, a two-stage furnace will start in the first stage and attempt to meet the desired temperature setting independently. If additional heating support is required, the furnace will intuitively adjust itself and enter the second stage to meet the demand for heat within the home on more severe winter days. The reduced capacity of the two-stage furnace’s initial stage translates to a more consistent comfort level throughout the home and increased durability of the system that means a reduced need for furnace service for Toronto homeowners.

In addition, high efficiency furnaces are available with different classes of fan motors–direct current or alternating current control. In the case that the fan is running -, you may save $250.00 per year on electricity alone plus gas savings of 20 – 30% per year–savings that are impossible to achieve with to a conventional furnace. As homeowners in Toronto, furnace installation should be an experience that makes your dreams of quality and comfort a reality. So at Button’s we make sure those are our priorities as well.




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