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A/C Start Up Procedure

Start your air conditioner now before you really need it.

Every year most people wait until the hot weather before they turn on their unit and many find that over the winter something has gone wrong and they have no air conditioning. Take a few minutes today and turn on your system so you will be ready for the hot weather.

Before starting your system in the spring, remove the cover from your outdoor condensing unit. Be sure to remove any yard debris or plant growth near your condensing unit. It is important to keep the area clean. Set the outdoor switch to ‘ON’ and if necessary check that the correct breakers are in the ‘ON’ position.

Check that your humidifier bypass is in the ‘CLOSE’ position. Turn on your air conditioner at your thermostat. Let it run for about an hour and ensure that it is cooling. Check the outside condenser again for any signs of icing. It’s always best to call for service before the hot weather hits.

Here are a list of tips to keep in mind during the cooling season:

  1. Have your cooling system serviced before every summer. Your air conditioner’s efficiency will decrease dramatically if it isn’t cleaned and checked regularly.
  2. Don’t make big thermostat adjustments during cooling season. It can take as long as 18 hrs to cool a house back down if the air conditioner was turned off all day.
  3. If your air conditioner is over 15 years old and in need of costly repairs, consider replacing it before it wears out. You’ll avoid a last-minute emergency replacement in a summer heat wave, and significantly reduce your energy bills; new units are much more energy efficient.
  4. The energy efficiency of central air conditioners is measured in SEER’s- Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER, the better – 13 SEER is the minimum for new systems.
  5. An air conditioner with a larger capacity than necessary may cool a home more quickly, but since it runs for a shorter period of time, it also won’t dehumidify the air effectively.
  6. Set the fan on your central air conditioner to “on” rather than “auto.” This circulates air continuously, keeping the temperature more even throughout the house and aiding in humidification.
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