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Shutting Down Your A/C For Winter

With winter on its way, now’s the time to prepare your air conditioning system for hibernation:

  • Clean your outdoor condenser: Avoid using a hose and water, as that brings with it the risk of a wire shorting out. The safest way to clean your unit is by gently wiping it down with a cloth or the soft bristled part of a vacuum cleaner hose attachment.
  • Don’t cover it up: Completely covering up your A/C during the winter months can lead to unwanted moisture buildup within the unit. However, to protect it from rain and snow, you can place a small canopy that is anchored to the ground over the top of the unit. That way, moisture won’t be trapped inside, but snow and rain will be prevented from building up and harming your system.
  • Keep up with preventive maintenance: Air conditioners require regular maintenance to stay in peak working condition. Schedule a tuneup so your air conditioner will be ready to go when the hot weather returns.
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